Constructors complete crash testing

Current E Moscow 2015 Dan Bathie Formula E Assembling the Venturi racing cars

Season two powertrain manufacturers have all completed their mandatory crash testing, Current E understands. 

Eight new constructors are set to join the Formula E party for the second season, with a variety of motor and gearbox configurations.

Most of the constructors have had powertrains undergoing dyno testing for several weeks, with Citroen (likely to be partnering Virgin) believed to have already got to track testing stage. Last week, we revealed details about the fifth chassis that Spark has provided for powertrain development.

With crash tests passed, constructors can press on towards receiving FIA homologation, which will clear their solutions to run in competition. 

In terms of what we can expect to see on track, we’re told that around half of the new manufacturing entities have gone with a similar solution, while the others vary quite markedly. NextEV TCR has already revealed it’s pursuing a dual-motor set up, possibly to enhance cooling by running one motor at a time and switching over when it gets too hot (the regulations prohibit the wheels to be driven independently so two motors won’t be used for torque vectoring).

Current E is lead to believe that the current configuration, which features a McLaren motor and a Hewland gearbox, is likely to be in use next season, although the two teams that do not have manufacturing partners are free to purchase powertrain solutions from any of the new constructors.

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