Di Grassi “did a better job” – Buemi

Photo: Nat Twiss / Spacesuit Media

Sebastien Buemi has no hard feelings after losing out on the Formula E title to rival Lucas di Grassi in Montreal on Sunday, believing the Brazilian “did a better job” across the course of the season.

Buemi entered two fewer races than di Grassi due to clashing commitments with Toyota’s LMP1 team and was disqualified twice, but took six wins across the course of the year. Di Grassi won just a third of that total.

A weekend filled with incidents ended with Buemi finishing 11th on Sunday after suffering damage to the rear of his car on the first lap, forcing him into an unscheduled pit stop.

A 34-point swing across the course of the Montreal double-header saw di Grassi take the title, but Buemi has no hard feelings about the loss.

“No, not at all. I knew after the calendar was out that I was going to miss two races,” Buemi told Current E.

“On top of that I got disqualified twice. So he’s done a better job. He’s done all of the races. That obviously helped him.”

Buemi’s stop for damage proved pointless as he had already lost the loose part, with the Renault team simply waving him through in order to adhere to the black and orange flag.

When asked if the stewards were right to bring him in, Buemi said: “It’s not my call to judge. But I’ve seen people who have lost that part and were not asked to stop.

“I’m a bit disappointed because they made me stop, but in the end, what did we do? We did nothing. We looked at the car for a couple of seconds and we restarted.

“Looking at it that way didn’t really make sense. I don’t know the regulations really around that. Maybe there is a specific rule and we have to accept it, I don’t know. I don’t know exactly the regulations.”

Summing up his feelings, Buemi simply said: “Not so good.”

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