Dual motors for China Racing

Current E Miami 2015 China Racing garage at dusk

China Racing has announced that its season two powertrain will feature dual motors and inverters.

Two electric motors are permitted under this season’s technical regulations, but all cars currently feature one motor and one inverter, both supplied by McLaren. The revised configuration was announced today in a press release at the team’s website.

China Racing announces the creation and partnership of NextEV, a new China based EV technology company and partner of Team China Racing. 

Season two focuses development on the powertrain; specifically the e-motor, inverter, gearbox and cooling system. This already proves to be an exciting challenge for manufacturers in the limited time available before next season’s homologation and testing.  

After extensive design and simulation analysis, NextEV TCR has selected to run dual e-motors with dual controllers, and a gearbox configuration that maximizes efficiency in both drive and regeneration modes.  Tooling is now in process, inverter algorithms under refinement, the team looks forward to getting the new powertrain on the track.

China Racing team boss Steven Lu said:  “NextEV is our technology development company and we already have several new EV powertrain programs for automotive and commercial vehicle OE’s, as well as building two complete sets of battery electric race cars for racing in China.”



  • Hamish says:

    Interesting. Hopefully we will see a number of different configurations fighting it out. Would it be possible to publish for us non-technical types a brief summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the various possible configurations for season 2? I am thinking of one, two or more motors?, direct drive vs gearbox? and so on.

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