“Group of death” for Formula E?

Current E Berlin 2015 Formula E Dans Top Shots Lights count down to the race with Trulli on pole

Formula E may be on course to introduce a “group of death” qualifying feature in season two.

Under current sporting regulations, drivers are given 10 minutes on track to set their best lap. They are grouped into four sessions of five drivers each, selected by lottery. 

The proposal for the revised format would retain the existing four sessions but would stipulate that drivers are permitted just one flying lap each. This would serve to shorten these qualifying groups, creating time within the existing schedule to introduce a fifth group made up of the five fastest drivers.

This final, fifth group would determine the grid positions of the top five drivers in a one lap “shootout”.

The sporting regulations are being discussed by teams, FEH and the FIA over the course of the summer and should be announced in the coming weeks.

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