Power hike for 2016 regs

Current E Formula E Putrajaya 2015 Shiv Gohil Top Shots Piquet at speed

Formula E will get more power in season three, according to new technical regulations published today by the FIA: FIA Formula E 2016 technical regulations

Peak power output will be raised to 250kW under the 2016 regs (up from 200kW at present), which come into force in July of this year. Permitted race energy remains the same, at 28kWh.

The weight of battery cells will be allowed to creep up to 230kg from the current 200kg, which could be to accommodate changes needed for higher power outputs, while the overall weight of the car will reduce from 888kg to 880kg. 

Elsewhere, front and rear brake ducts are mentioned, which may offer some clues about the direction that Formula E car supplier Spark Racing Technology is taking for season three stopping systems.

It is also interesting to note that active suspension of the type seen in today’s road-going sports cars is strictly forbidden. That makes sense, given that the championship is designed to drive forwards electric powertrain engineering rather than chassis or aero design, but it would still be a rather fascinating inclusion. Perhaps it will be one for Roborace.

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