Spark releases S5 concept art

Spark Racing Technology, the French firm which will be building Formula E’s spec season five car, has released concept renderings showing what the next gen electric racing could look like. And if it looks half as good as this, we’re in for one almighty treat. 

The sport had demanded a far more futuristic, radical design for the forthcoming chassis, which needs to be some 10% lighter than the current car in order to facilitate a heavier battery capable of going a full race distance. Looking at these renders, Spark has not failed to deliver.

Season five is the magic point when Formula E will swap from two cars per driver to a single car. This concept looks like a cross between a Roborace car and an LMP machine, which is no bad thing. The sketches appear to show two different approaches to a potential canopy: one as a wraparound windscreen and one as a fully-enclosed cockpit.

Aero looks insane, with much use of underbody air flow removing the need for complete a rear wing (although there are some very interesting wing-type surfaces sticking up from the rear panels). Check out those huge scoops in the side profile, the wheel pod fairings and that massive diffuser.

The sidepods appear much longer than they are on the current chassis, protruding much farther forward on the chassis than they do presently. This could be to help gobble up cooling air for the powertrain from underneath the front wing, before the air is sprayed outwards and upwards by the front assembly. 

A low aerofoil-looking device is still present on the side of the chassis as it is on the first-gen car; we’d assume this is a side-impact protection device, as it is now. 

What do you think about this new machine? To us, it has lots of hints of modern supercars about it, including the LaFerrari. We’d love to see a field of these on track, and this concept must assuage any lingering doubts that new entrants (such as Mercedes) might have. Roll on season five.


  • Hamish Keddie says:

    Looks good, but will it allow for front wheel or four wheel drive? Such options would enable regeneration to be higher thus increasing efficiency.


  • David says:

    I’m glad to see the cars moving away from traditional open-wheel design and doing their own thing.

    Once in production, though, I wonder if the wing mirrors will be replaced by some sort of rear-view camera. That would presumably reduce drag and make the cars even more “road relevant”.

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