Technical tracks to come

Formula E cockpit at Trulli test courtesy FEH

Answering criticisms of the Beijing Formula E circuit, Audi Sport ABT driver Lucas di Grassi has promised that there will be more challenging tracks on the calendar – with some reported to be even more technical than Monaco. Read his full column in Motor Sport Magazine.

Di Grassi’s comments follow mixed reactions to the recent unveiling of the Beijing circuit design. However, the driver has been involved with concept design for other street circuits for the electric racing series, including this speedy-looking, sinuous circuit with a spectacular bay backdrop in Rio de Janeiro – and he stresses that the low downforce levels of the Spark-Renault racing cars will make for good overtaking even at the Chinese event.

I’ve heard a lot of people saying ‘the track is too simple and the car has only 300bhp so it won’t be a challenge’. It’s completely the opposite in my opinion because everything will be new – the car, the track and the way the races are run. 

There are also lots of exciting tracks on the rest of the calendar. You’ll all know Monaco, of course, and there are quite a few which are more technical than that. Beijing’s offering is just fine to start things off as the track is wide enough to allow plenty of overtaking and it’ll be very safe.

Whatever the track, the first race was always going to be demanding because we won’t have had any practice. We will have done some testing on normal circuits, but ultimately we’ll have to rely on simulator work. 

We don’t know yet how the race strategy will work out. We’ll only have an hour and a half of free practice and in that time we have to learn the track, set the car up and also work out how we use the two cars. One of each driver’s cars will have less power than the other so it’ll be important to be in the right one at the right time. No one has any data on this so it’ll be the same for everyone.

The car is quick and it’s already done many, many kilometres in testing. It’s actually done more than a whole championship without a single breakdown.

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