Formula E in February: 10 point roundup

ABT livery 7 courtesy ABT

Spring has sprung (in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway); February seemed to disappear as quickly as Red Bull’s reliability. It was another storming month for Formula E and, ergo, Current E content.

Here’s our 10 point summary of February features:

  1. The first two Formula E racing drivers were officially signed. Daniel Abt and Lucas di Grassi will compete for Audi Sport ABT in the inaugural season.
  2. The first female driver in the new electric sport was signed to the driver programme. That means Katherine Legge, who drives the amazing contraption that is the Deltawing, is interested in the series but is not guaranteed a seat.
  3. The aforementioned German outfit ABT and Indian team Mahindra both showed off nifty new paintwork on static displays, designed to attract attention at motor show stands rather than tear up the tarmac with donut displays. The Spark-Renault really is a good looking thing, we conclude.  
  4. We got the inside line on wireless charging and safety car plans from some senior chaps at technology company Qualcomm. They explained that safety cars could have a very different role in Formula E – and that there will also be “extraction vehicles”, which sounds rather Bourne-esque.
  5. We discovered that McLaren has added an electric motor to its online catalogue, and deduced that it may be the one powering the P1 supercar – and the Spark-Renault racer. We discussed how the motor could be upgraded to supply the power demands of both cars.
  6. The Spark-Renault hit a milestone: 1000km covered in testing. All appears to be well, and we spotted the safety lights and stickers required by the FIA.
  7. The Miami race organiser told us how that fixture is progressing, and talked permissions, prices and picking up the pace on the construction programme.
  8. A TV deal for the UK was revealed to be in the offing. We speculated about the broadcaster.
  9. Jacques Villeneuve was rumoured to be driving for the Mahindra Formula E team. News since is that he will be competing in the Indy 500 and World Rallycross. The dates don’t clash with Formula E and we haven’t seen any denials. Watch this space.
  10. We published the FIA tender documents setting out the technical requirements for the Formula E racing car.

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