Green from the top down

The blogosphere has lit up today with news that David Ward intends to contest the FIA presidency, running against incumbent Jean Todt. Nuanced viewpoints by Formula 1 journos Joe Saward (here and here) and James Allen are worth reading as supporting material.

Ward is no stranger to politics or to motorsports. He’s been an advisor to the UK’s Labour party, a supporter of previous FIA boss Max Mosely and – until today – the head of the FIA Foundation, a charity that champions road safety and sustainable mobility.

As far as Formula E is concerned, Ward has strong environmental credentials which should assure his support for the new series. He is co-chairman of the Global Fuel Economy Initiative, which seeks to achieve a 50% reduction in carbon emissions from all cars by 2050. The battery-powered racing cars of Formula E and are already being touted as totems for the FIA’s drive to prepare motorsports for a future with little fossil fuel.

Should Ward win, his record of work in this area could be crucial to the early growth of Formula E, given that his four-year tenure will come just as the new series prepares to put wheels to tarmac.

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