Miami: the day before

It might be the end of the working day here in Miami, but the work is far from over. Some of the roads that make up the track are still full of heavy rush hour traffic, meaning that local construction teams will have to beaver through the night to get the circuit ready in time for practice early tomorrow morning.

Adding to the workload, all logos of Swiss bank Julius Baer, a headline sponsor of the series, have been ordered covered up for this race. (To do with the US attitude towards offshore banking, or something.) So you’ll see shirts of Formula E staff sporting a new Fanboost sticker over the logos (and the cars, too).

In other news, it seems that teams may be allowed to use this year’s car in season two, which would open up the options for Amlin Aguri and Dragon Racing, the only two teams on the grid not to announce manufacturer status.

This could mean that these teams stick with the 2014-15 package while working towards a complete powertrain for season three – batteries included. We saw men with Ford Performance shirts having meetings in both Amlin and Dragon garages. Could Ford be eyeing a season three involvement?

Elsewhere, it seems that teams feel there could be significantly diverging strategies in season two, with some opting for smaller motors and conventional gearbox systems, and some running larger motors with the potential of direct drive, for better efficiency. As manufacturers gear up over the next couple of months, the different approaches will be fascinating.

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