“Quite easy”: Buemi


As is the way with racing drivers, Sebastien Buemi was quick to stress after Saturday’s Buenos Aires race that Renault’s advantage won’t last forever. However, that’s tough to believe for everyone else, with the French team having won every race so far this season and showing no signs of relenting. Plus, the reigning champ admitted that large parts of the race were, in fact, pretty easy up front.

Buemi took a crushing victory in Buenos Aires, effortlessly sailing into the lead on lap six after a third place grid start, before leading the remainder of the event en route to his third successive win.

Despite being just three races into the new season, Buemi already sits 29 points clear at the top of the standings. That’s a race win, plus a few points for good measure, over the next man on the sheet, di Grassi. Renault has amassed 111 points in three races, nearly double that of second-placed ABT’s 60.  

“I think it’s clear that we have right now the best car, the best package,” Buemi said after the race. “That obviously helps but it’s not everything. Now we are more or less four cars with a similar technique [including Techeetah]. It’s the whole package. You need to be doing good races, a good car and be a good team. I think as a package we’ve come out a bit better than the rest. We know that’s not going to last forever. If we can get as many points as possible as long as it lasts, that would be good.”

The race may have looked straightforward for Buemi, but issues during the second stint of the race meant it was far from a walk in the park. High temperatures affected all teams in the race, making it tough to keep the cars and batteries cool.

“You know today with the heat, there were many other things we had to manage, particularly the temperature of the battery,” Buemi said. “At the start of the race we usually have to see where we are. Then I saw I had a pace advantage, and it went in a way quite easy. We got a bit of a margin. Then on the second car we had some small issues on the brakes. It was quite difficult to actually drive the car. The car was not braking straight.”

But for fear of a safety car, Buemi saw no reason in pulling out more of a gap over Vergne behind: “There is no point having a big gap. The best thing is to have a little gap that makes you feel safe. You don’t want to pull a big gap and then all of a sudden the safety car comes out and all this energy is gone.”

Somewhat worryingly for his rivals, it seems Buemi has even more pace than he’s currently showing. Can he keep this winning streak going next time out in Mexico? Or will the pressure finally take its toll on Renault e.dams up front? Right now, there seems to be no stopping the Swiss Express.

Luke Smith

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