Aquafuel generators confirmed

Current E Beijing 11.09.14 track set up cables

Formula E cars at were recharged at the Beijing race by generators running on a natural substance called glycerine.

An online news piece by Aquafuel, the company behind the technology, confirms the story broken by Current E three months ago (read it here). Formula E boss Alejandro Agag talked about the generators in a press conference on Saturday, taking the opportunity to taste some glycerine to show how safe it is. 

Aquafuel has developed ground-breaking new technology for the combustion of glycerine in standard diesel generators. Located in the paddock, these generators will be used at all ePrix with the sole purpose of ensuring the Formula E cars are charged quickly, safely, fairly and without producing CO2 emissions.

Using a single generator, all 40 cars can be charged from flat to full in 50 minutes and with automated precise power controls, can be relied upon to ensure no car is given additional power. Glycerine is a carbon-neutral fuel; safe, odourless, non-toxic and water soluble and an abundant by-product of biodiesel production.

Formula E chief Alejandro Agag said: “Sustainability lies at the heart of the FIA Formula E Championship so being able to charge all the cars safely and efficiently in one hour, and without creating additional CO2 emissions, is very important to us. This method also means we are not impacting on the city’s own power supply or needs.”

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