Six new venues lined up for S3


Formula E could be set to welcome as many as six new race venues to its calendar for season three, according to a leaked draft schedule published by A night race in Singapore on a modified version of the F1 track is on the cards. 

Changes were known to be on the horizon for the 2016-17 season, with the inaugural race in Hong Kong already pencilled in as the season opener. However, races in Marrakesh, Singapore, Brussels, Montreal and New York have also been featured on the roster (some of which had been revealed in Current E magazine).

Marrakesh and Montreal have been mooted as possible events for some time, while a race in New York has also been a long-running desire for series boss Alejandro Agag. Now, all three look set to become a reality, with the two North American races being double-headers at the end of the 12-round season. Team principals have been informed of the draft calendar but it is yet to be put forward to the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council.

Monaco returns after missing season two as part of the every-other-year sharing agreement with the historic grand prix there, while there are now just two races before the end of the year as Beijing, Putrajaya and Punta all get axed. Mexico City moves ahead of Buenos Aires into January, and the season is set to finish four weeks later than season two. 

An interesting consideration for the race in Singapore is the use of part of F1’s Marina Bay track, which we understand will also be a night race for Formula E (although discussions are ongoing). The Marrakesh event is designed to coincide with COP22, the UN’s climate change conference for world leaders.

One of the biggest omissions is that of London, which is now dependent on a new venue being found after Formula E officials came to an agreement with Wandsworth Council that this year’s event would be the last at Battersea Park.

Luke Smith

Formula E 2016-17 draft calendar

1. Hong Kong, October 9
2. Marrakesh, November 12
3. Mexico City, January 28
4. Buenos Aires, February 25
5. Long Beach, March 25
6. Singapore, April 22
7. Monaco, May 13
8. Paris, May 27
9. Brussels, June 10
10. Berlin, June 24
11. Montreal, July 15-16
12. New York, July 29-30


  • Andy says:

    I hope Putrajaya and Singapore can be part of an every other year rotation. Perhaps a similar arrangement can be made with Punta del Este and Buenos Aires. I think Beijing needs to be on the calendar given the size of the market so perhaps there is still hope for that event to return as well as London at a new venue, perhaps around/through the Excel Centre as had been mentioned in the past. Then the two events in Montreal and New York wouldn’t need to be double-headers.

  • Alun says:

    I think it would be a pity to lose Punta del Este. My first thoughts seeing the track layout and not knowing where it was, were that it would be rubbish. I was delighted to be utterly wrong. It’s a distinctive location and good race.

    • Ross Ringham says:

      I feel the same about the Putrajaya track, which I think is easily in contention for the best new street circuit Formula E has (in terms of route; the heat and humidity make it pretty tough to race there). The Punta track can be a little scrappy – very tight, very sandy – but it’s a great location and always a great atmosphere. Very sad to lose it but it doesn’t really have the audience-pulling power of London, Berlin, Long Beach, Paris etc. Ross.

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