Fanboost will create “hollow victories”

Freelance motoring writer Dan Cross has said Formula E’s proposed Fanboost feature will risk a race win being seen as “a hollow victory”. Cross, who has written for motor racing journal Autosport, points out that there is enough interest in the new series without the addition of outside interference in the on-track competition.

Allowing outside influences to potentially affect the outcome of a race is unnecessary and there is a possibility that, rather than attract followers, it will deter people from watching as they will find it difficult to take seriously. Who wants to see a driver claiming a hollow victory after making a winning pass thanks to people frantically tweeting their adulation?

And what’s to stop someone manipulating the results via the use of a Twitter spambot? Will there be anything to stop popular drivers from receiving an extra boost in every single race?

Formula’s uniqueness should be enough to grab people’s attentions – across all ages.

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