Formula E preseason testing day five

The penultimate day of preseason testing ended with Jean-Eric Vergne setting yet another course record, with Sebastien Buemi and Lucas di Grassi following closely behind in the afternoon session. After a grey start to the day, the sun came out strongly before clouding over again. Technical issues continued to plague Robin Frijns at Andretti, while many drivers had off-track moments while pushing as hard as possible.

Tomorrow is the final day of testing that teams are permitted and the last time that the teams will run their news cars before we get to Hong Kong. Tune in tomorrow morning for our live feed here.

1700 And that’s it for today! Here’s how today finished:

Formula E preseason testing Donington Park 060916 afternoon

1625 And just after the session goes to green, we’re back to red. It’s Frijns again. Oh dear.

1615 So here’s the full course yellow practice.

1559 While we’re waiting, this looks a bit sad. 

1558 We’re under yet another red flag. This time for Lopez. There’ll be a full course yellow practice after this red flag session ends.

1545 So it appears that Andretti’s issues with Robin Frijns’ car have been traced to electrical gremlins. Issues with a part rather than anything to do with design or software. These are generally to be expected when fabricating new powertrains. Although the team completed some 1700km during private testing, that was all in a single development car. Andretti has already had battery issues; three new batteries over the course of collective preseason testing.

1500 Green flags. But very few drivers back out on track. Two hours to go. 

1449 Red flags. Again. For Robin Frijns. Again. We’ll go and have a word with the Andretti chaps soon.

1445 Not a huge amount to report at present. Three drivers are currently out on track. Elsewhere, everyone else is in the pits.

1420 Bird has been warned for hitting the bollard at T10, in echoes of d’Ambrosio’s warning earlier. Buemi is top of the sheets, followed by Prost.

1400 Green lights for the afternoon session.

1210 And the Channel 5 news has been announced at the official Formula E website as per our story on Sunday.

1205 That’s it for the morning session. Here’s how the times and laps look:

Formula E preseason testing Donington Park 060916 morning

1135 We’ve just been around for a walkabout in the pit lane so apologies for going quiet. We’re into the final 25mins of the morning session now; under red flags…shock, horror. Buemi is currently quickest of the morning with 1.29.496, which is faster than JEV’s effort last time out. Phew.

1031 Green flags out. Rosenqvist goes rocketing out onto the circuit, along with JEV, di Grassi and d’Ambrosio. 

1020 One hour 40 to run in this morning session. The sun is skipping in and out. Blue skies are teasing us. Only two or three drivers are out on circuit. Debrief and charging time.

1010 So here’s what it looks like today…

1000 Two hours to go and new boy Mitch Evans is currently quickest for Jaguar Racing, with a 1.31.027 lap. He;s done 10 laps; elsewhere, di Grassi and Prost have done 15 and Bird has done 16.

0937 It’s pretty hard to tell which cars and drivers will fare well when racing starts because we don’t have access to the efficiency figures. You can be the fastest driver in the world in the fastest cars, but if you can’t eke out your battery juice over the course of the race you’ll fail. We can get a feel from Donington Park of who is quick but not really who has the better efficiency. 

0930 The top six drivers have all done 1.32s laps as a brief hush descends on the track.

0925 For the data lovers among you, track temp is current 18.8⁰C, air temp is 20.3⁰C and humidity is 91%.

0915 Frijns is escorted safely back to the pits (looked like he stopped on track for technical reasons rather than a crash). The session goes green again and a whole load of drivers scoot out: Duval, Sarrazin, Prost, Buemi, di Grassi, Heidfeld, Felix da Costa, Qing Hua, Lopez, Carroll, Abt. 

0910 We can hope. First red flag of the session.

0908 We’ll be hoping for a lot less of these. 

0900 Green flags. We’ve got the whole field here this morning and everyone is keen to get stuck in. Expect a mixture of race-pace runs, qualifying simulations, reliability tests, set-up experiements and data gathering exercises. 

0851 As usual, we’ll be here all day to bring you trackside updates along with rather stunning photos from our partner Spacesuit Media.

0845 Good morning, Formula E fans. We’re back at Donington Park for the penultimate day of collective preseason testing. Tomorrow is that last day the teams are permitted to run their cars before the electric speed machines are shipped off to Hong Kong. That means the pressure is really on, today and tomorrow, to sort any teething issues with the cars and get the drivers as comfortable with their new machinery as possible. Yesterday’s multitude of red flags really interrupted proceedings so teams and drivers will be raring to get going today.

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