Tung tests Spark-Renault courtesy FEH

Driving the Spark-Renault racing car is an experience in a class all of its own. So said Chinese racing driver Ho-Pin Tung, in an interview with green racing website Electric Autosport.

Tung recently tested the new electric racing car in France, and so has the sort of first-hand experience of the vehicle that many of the drivers signed up to the new series have yet to gain. Image courtesy of FEH.

“The car behaved very different to what I’m used to and you can’t really compare it. Because the different aerodynamics, the electronic motor, regenerative braking, much more torque and that sort of things are in play,” says Tung. “You need to adjust yourself to the car in these situations to learn it. But in the end we were joking about it: it remains a car with four wheels and a steering wheel and you need to drive it as fast as possible. It’s not a superfast car, which is impossible when you are looking at the specifications, but it’s fun to drive.”

He goes on: “The races will be fun to watch because the cars are built for close racing, looking at the aerodynamics and all the teams are using the same material. I also tested the push to pass feature, which enables the driver to use the 200 kW peak power for a short time and that will help drivers to overtake.”

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