Jag’s first EV road car is a beast

Well. Hello, pussy cat. 

Jaguar had promised a line of electric vehicles, starting with an electrified version of the marque’s F-Pace SUV. And that promise has begun to be realised with this, a concept called the I-Pace. 

Does the “I” sound familiar? It will to readers of Current E, who’ll recognise the moniker from Jaguar’s Formula E racing team; there, the factory works team has named its first all-electric racing car the I-Type. 

So, the I-Pace. What is it? In short, it’s an electric SUV to challenge Tesla’s Model S. The vehicle features two electric motors, together putting out a combined total of nearly 400bhp, and a liquid-cooled battery pack rated at 90kWh.

Are these units related to Jag’s Formula E powertrain? The company doesn’t say but we would be very, very surprised if there wasn’t a great deal of knowledge share there. Don’t forget that the designer of the race battery used by all Formula E teams is a Williams engineer, now working for Jag’s race team; the same designer also worked on Jaguar’s C-X75 hybrid concept and F1’s first KERS system. The power, weight and dimensions of the electric motors being used sound pretty similar to FE specs too.

The car is expected to hit the market in 2018. You can read more from Jaguar here and a great tech piece by Autocar here.

Images courtesy of Jaguar.

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