Meet our (familar) March 2016 magazine

Current E Formula E magazine March 2016 front cover

Keen Current E readers will have spotted something familiar and something different with this magazine front cover.

What’s familiar is that we originally released this as the January 2016 edition of the Current E print magazine What’s different is that we’ve changed the date to March 2016. 

Why? Well, a few things changed. There were some big events happening within the sport (such as Jaguar arriving up and Villenueve leaving) and we needed to secure a few more adverts to pay for printing. It probably didn’t help that we were trying to put pens to paper in December, when there as a race followed swiftly by several glasses of mulled wine. 

We also thought that one mid-season issue, rather than two would be more doable this season. So, the January edition becomes the March edition and we’ll still produce one in July, to round off season two.

The March 2016 issue features an exclusive interview with Alejandro Agag as the cover story. Inside, there are features on Jaguar’s entry to the sport, the demise of Jacques, race reports from the first four rounds, technical analysis of the second generation powertrains, details about the evolving technical roadmap, an explanation of why the Formula E car is a cousin of the Bugatti Veyron and lots and lots of stunning photography. 

The digital edition will be out before the Mexico race next month with the print edition turning up on doorsteps at around the same time, depending on where in the world you live. We’ll share some excerpts from the publication over the next couple of weeks. 

Thanks for sticking with us.

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