NextEV reveals electric hypercar

NextEV today launched its vision of all-electric mobility at London’s Saatchi gallery. A supercar was revealed; live updates from the company itself, Luke Smith and Scarbs were all collated here from the event. 

NextEV, parent of the NextEV Formula E racing team, today unveiled its first road car. And what a car it is: 1000kW, four motors, active aero and suspension. And yes, it’s all-electric, writes Luke Smith. It’s a halo vehicle, designed to increase brand awareness and desirability ahead of manufacturing a mass-marked electric vehicle.

Embracing the technology that has graced Formula E for the past three years, the NIO EP9, as the car is called, has already smashed records for electric vehicles at two of Europe’s most famous race tracks: Paul Ricard and the Nordschleife. The latter is a 13 mile ribbon of tarmac draped over the Eifel mountains; nicknamed the “green hell”, it is widely regarded to be the toughest track challenge, bar none. The EP9 went faster around the circuit than any other EV, by a margin of 15s.

The EP9 features four inboard motors and four individual gearboxes, with lithium  oin batteries. The 1MW (1340bhp) powertrain can launch the car from rest to 125mph in just 7.1s, on the way to a top speed of 194 mph. The EP9 has a range of around 260 miles, with a charge time of just 45 minutes and swappable batteries.

Formula E involvement is evident on the EP9, with season one champion Nelson Piquet and team mate Oliver Turvey being involved in the development and testing of the car.

“The NIO EP9 was born to push limits and is the first stage of automotive production for NIO,” NextEV founder and chairman William Li said. “It is a statement of our vision and technical and manufacturing capabilities. It is a best-in-class product that showcases what is possible with electric vehicles. We believe that when the car ownership experience exceeds expectations, electric vehicles will become the natural choice for everyone, leading to a more sustainable tomorrow.”

1350 That’s us signing off from this event. We’ll bring you a write-up later with lots more pictures.

1345 Here’s the EP9 on its filming run at the Nurburgring. 

1310 Auto Express has been quick off the mark with a news piece. Read it here. “It’s an eye-catching car designed to build hype for the NIO brand, which will launch its first mass market electric car in China at some point in 2017,” says the piece. “O-62mph is achieved in 2.7s making it slower than the Tesla P100D, but it will hit a top speed of 194mph…The 777v powertrain develops 1MW of power – the equivalent of 1341bhp…At its heart are two lithium ion batteries hooked up to four electric motors – one for each wheel – making the EP9 a four-wheel-drive hypercar. While the details are a little hazy, it’s claimed that the batteries can be charged in 45 minutes. Alternatively, they can also be swapped in eight minutes once the 265-mile range is up.”

1314 So what do we think of the car’s looks? Kind of 458 meets Chiron meets One:1 with a dollop of Concept One?

1311 First production car to be rolled out in China next year.

1309 And now a video of the NIO EP9 hurtling round the Nurburgring. New EV track record.

1307 Does Gerry Hughes ever smile? Being interviewed now about how race to road tech transfer has worked here.

1306 “The handling is very neutral and it’s a great car to drive,” says Turvey.

1303 One megawatt powertrain confirmed in promo video now playing. Four motors, four gearboxes. World’s largest production brakes, apparently. Active suspension and ride height. Active rear wing, a la P1 or Veyron. “It’s pretty amazing,” says Piquet. New company car?

1300 Nelson Piquet and Oliver Turvey on stage to unveil the car, the NIO EP9. And here it is.

NextEV reveal1

1300 Nicki welcomes William Li back to unveil the car. Sad not to see Martin Leach here. 

1257 Back to Nicki to introduce the launch of the car. And another video first.

1251 Confusing live video feed, with a Chinese presenter talking over the actual speeches.

1249 Soundbites about being part of a movement, not a product. Making the world a better place. Etc.

1247 Video now being shown, highlighting global network of NextEV, from Shanghai to Silicon Valley via Munich and the UK. “We building a robot that looks like a car,” says a soundbite.

1232 Oh well hello Nicki Shields: is there any motorsport event that you DON’T now cover??

1215 Autocar previewed the electric supercar here, talking about a £1m price tag and power in excess of 1000bhp and publishing the below image.


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