Quali changes confirmed

Current E Shiv Gohil Formula E London 2015 Top Shots Grid prepares for final race

Formula E qualifying will run slightly differently in season two, confirming the story we broke last month (read it here).

Here’s how the battle for grid positions will work:

  1. Four lottery-decided groups of five drivers remain, as per season one. Each group now has just six minutes on track, good enough for an out lap, a warm up lap and just one flying lap, depending on circuit length. These groups will decide positions six to 20 on the grid.
  2. The five fastest drivers will then compete in a 15min fifth group to set grid positions one through five. The wording of the press statement about the new “Super Pole” feature makes it unclear whether there is a limit in terms of number of laps each driver can complete. 
  3. Three points are still awarded for pole position.

The feature has yet to be approved by the FIA. Doing the maths would seem to suggest that qualifying will be no longer than 45mins in total in season two, reducing track time for drivers even further but possibly helping with TV scheduling.

Drivers will be placed into four groups of five by means of a lottery. However, these sessions have now been shortened to just six minutes. This means the drivers will only have time for an out-lap, a warm-up lap at 170kW and one flying lap at 200kW.

The overall five fastest drivers from these four sessions will then go out one by one in the Super Pole shoot-out. The fifth fastest driver from the group stages goes out first, when he crosses the line to start his flying lap, the pitlane light turns green and the fourth fastest driver heads out onto the track and so on.



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