“Quite obvious” pressure has got to Buemi – Abt

Photo: Nat Twiss/Spacesuit Media

Daniel Abt feels it is “quite obvious” that the pressure has got to championship contender Sebastien Buemi after being on the receiving end of an angry tirade after Saturday’s race. 

Buemi accused Abt – teammate of new championship leader Lucas di Grassi – of blocking him in the pit lane and running into the back of him on track, calling the German “dirty”.

“I was not slowing him down, I don’t know why he believes this. Honestly that’s not my style and I wouldn’t do that,” Abt told Current E after the race.

“I’m out there racing. I’m racing him cleanly, everyone else clean, and I don’t want to get involved in a title fight with slowing anyone down. I don’t know why I’d do it, I don’t know why he’d think so. Maybe our full course yellow speed is 1 kph slower, I have no clue. I didn’t do anything.


“He said that I’m a dirty guy, he said that I slowed him down. I just told him I didn’t, but he doesn’t believe it of course. As I said, I don’t want to be involved like this in the title fight. Of course I’m racing, I’m not going to say ‘OK, you go’, of course I’m going to give my best.

“I really do believe that I’ve done nothing unfair today. For me it was just a fun race, good racing. I hope I’m not in a position to be involved with these two guys tomorrow because I just want to do a race and not have people mad at me afterwards.”

When asked if the pressure had got to Buemi, Abt said: “Yeah, it’s quite obvious. I think it’s a bit of a weak point.

“You just have to be a bit more calm in those situations, especially when you know there’s another race coming up tomorrow. What does it bring if after the race you go to three or four drivers and shout at them when you have to race with them tomorrow?

“It’s just not clever at all. I think if there’s a trophy for cleverness, it would anyway go to Lucas. That’s maybe the reason why he beats him tomorrow.”

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