Trulli team remains committed to S2 tech

Current E Berlin 2015 Formula E Jarno Trulli on his way to pole position

Despite a woeful start to 2015 preseason testing, the Trulli team remains committed to its S2 powertrain solution.

In stark contrast to other new Formula E constructors, the Italian outfit had completed no private track testing before arriving at Donington Park this week. Just six days are on offer and the team didn’t manage to make use of either of the first two.

However, Trulli team principal Lucio Cavuto remains upbeat about the team’s progress with its new technology. “The plan for this week was to link our powertrain to the Williams battery for the first time,” he told Current E this morning. “We decided to delay running in order to go further into some analysis and avoid major problems.” 

Trulli will be running a gearbox built by Hewland and a motor and inverter developed in-house with new partner Motomatica. “It’s all made in house apart from the co-operation with Hewland,” Cavuto said. “Details will follow!”

It appears that Drayson is not a part of the team’s S2 configuration. The British company had been talking about integrating the wireless charging tech installed on the BMW i3 and i8 course cars into Trulli’s racing cars but there seems no advantage to be gained from it under the current regulations (charging is not permitted during track sessions on race days).

There is still time for the team to revert to the S1 configuration but Cavuto is emphatic that they will not choose that path. That could be a wise move, given that the team struggled throughout the first season to get a handle on thermal and energy management issues, despite Trulli bagging pole position in Berlin.

“This year’s value will be evident after three or four races,” said Cavuto, acknowledging that there will be perhaps a longer bedding in and teething period at the start of the season compared to the other Formula E manufacturers.

Team owner Jarno Trulli has not confirmed that he will be driving the car in season two. As he told Current E, his plan was never to race in Formula E but rather to run the team from the garage. We can expect to see other drivers testing the cars at Donington Park in the coming weeks, with Vitantonio Liuzzi a strong possibility.

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