Updates go live at Current E

Revised 2016 Current E slider

A series of small updates designed to improve usability have gone live today at Current E.

“We’re keen to make sure the website is easy to navigate as possible, on any device,” explains editor Ross Ringham. “As the site grows, we’re keen to evolve both content and design to deliver the best experience for our readers.”

The tweaks that have gone live today include a resized homepage slider, to reduce the need to scroll down as far to reach the homepage content sections. Each of those sections now has a clickable heading, which routes a user through to the content archive instead of requiring use of the top-level menu. We’ve also reconfigured how those sections are presented, with fewer large tile stories now sitting next to a list of thumbnails and headlines. 

“These revamped content sections at the homepage make it much easier to see and access the wealth of content at the site,” says Ringham.

Revised 2016 Current E homepage section

Further changes are found within the sidebar that accompanies Current E stories. “This has been reworked to combine the popular and recent story lists into one, switchable widget,” Ringham goes on. “This shortens the sidebar to make the content sat below, which includes our advertisers and sponsored content sections, more visible to more readers. Plus, it looks a lot slicker than it did before and we’re suckers for pretty things.”

Revised 2016 Current E sidebar content

We’ve lots more tweaks planned for the site in the coming months. Do let us know what you make of the changes and what you’d like to see us include.

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