Video: Moscow 2015 extended highlights

Watch the extended highlights of the Moscow 2015 race, in which Nelson Piquet judges his energy use perfectly to pick up his second race win. 

As he crossed the line, Piquet’s message to his team was: “Perfect, perfect day. Thank you again guys, thank you every single person. Great job. I cannot express how happy I am.”

“It’s a carbon copy of his Long Beach race,” commentator Franchitti said. “Just domination.”

Watch out for the race-long battle between Felix da Costa and Trulli, a pit stop mistake from e.dams-Renault and last corner dodgem-style antics between Buemi, Vergne and Heidfeld. Also spot another brilliant turn of phrase from Jack Nicholls; does “lungetastic” equal “shufflage” (coined in Berlin)?

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