Villeneuve signed to Venturi

Current E Miami 2015 Formula E Venturi on track

Former F1 world champion Jacques Villeneuve has replaced Nick Heidfeld at Venturi for Formula E’s second season. 

The news was announced today by the Monaco-based team. Venturi is not only a constructor in season two but it is also supply its powertrain to Dragon Racing, so the spotlight will be firmly on the outfit. 

Villeneuve has tested for Venturi over the course of the private manufacturers’ tests and will line up alongside first season regular Stephane Sarrazin. There’s no word yet as to why Heidfeld isn’t returning in the black, white and red machines.

“It had been 10 years since I had driven on that kind of track with a single-seater, but it’s like riding a bike, you never forget,” said the Canadian. “It was real happiness. There was a very good ambiance with the Venturi team and one of the engineers with Venturi happens to be a guy I worked with early in my career. That was great. I was very excited and everything went well. Last season each time I met drivers from Formula-E they were saying it is really a very interesting championship. This is the first time in several years that I will participate in a full championship. I am excited because the atmosphere while working alongside the Venturi team is great and that has a very big influence. Also I know Stéphane Sarrazin well, we trust each other.”

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  • Andy says:

    No disrespect to Jacques Villeneuve, but I feel this is bad for the entire championship. So many of the drivers in Formula 1 are guys that bring money/sponsorship dollars to a team, not necessarily top notch talent. What is so attractive about Formula E from a driver perspective, is you don’t need to have deep pocket sponsors to earn a race seat, you need talent. Lucas DiGrassi was used up for his sponsor dollars and then discarded by Marussia, he clearly has talent. Sebastien Buemi and Jean Eric Vergne clearly both had talent but there wasn’t room for them at Red Bull and without deep pockets they were passed aside. Formula E should be an opportunity for young up and coming drivers to race single seaters and former, recent Formula 1 drivers to show what they still have left. Villeneuve is a former World Champion, he has nothing to prove, he is 10 years removed from his Formula 1 days. Drivers like him move on to touring car, rally car, endurance racing and the like. I can see picking his brain as a test driver, but as a race driver, Nick Heidfeld better fits the mold for what Formula E needs. In the one whole season Heidfeld and Villeneuve competed against each other, 2005, Heidfeld was the better driver. Villenueve had a longer career, but how much of that had to do with what he did in his first two seasons in F1.

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