“We’ll be the Mercedes of Formula E”: Abt

Audi Sport ABT is aiming to be “the Mercedes team of Formula E”, Daniel Abt told Current E today. 

The German team will be a constructor in season two, likely fielding a powertrain put together by team sponsor Schaeffler. The Mercedes he is referring to is the F1 that dominated the sport last year.

In this video, which was broadcast live from the Berlin pit lane via streaming platform Periscope, Abt said: “We’re actually going to go testing the powertrain pretty soon. Hopefully we’re going to be the Merceses team of Formula E next year. I think we’re really in a good position. Our guys did a very good job. Hopefully we can be the number one team next year.”

Speaking about his appointment for season two, announced today, Abt said: “I’m enjoying Formula E so much, so for me it was never really a doubt to continue in the series with the team. Me and Lucas work together really well. We want to continue to get more good results for the team. The season isn’t over yet. We’re sort of improving each other. It’s not my job to support him in the race. I still drive my own race. In the end, when it’s your team mate you treat him different on track. It would be nice for team to have the drivers’ and teams’ championships. I will do as much as I can for him but I’m not going to screw my race. I think it’s ok like this.”

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