2014 technical regulations published

Formula E technical regulations circuit diagramThe FIA has published 2014 technical regulations for the Formula E championship (FIA Formula E Championship Technical Regulation 2014).

Given that just one model of car will contest the series, we know that these regulations have been built around the Spark-Renault racing car. That means that some of the entries could be clues as to the what’s under the skin.

Here’s what we found interesting:

  • The price for a car ready to race must not exceed €350k without tax.
  • No more than 2 MGUs are allowed. They must be linked only to the rear axle (RWD only). They must be fitted on the sprung chassis of the car; no MGU may be fitted on the wheels. One specification will be homologated per year. Same for battery and inverter.
  • The maximum total power going out of the RESS is limited to 200kW. During race this 200kW will be split between bottom power and push to pass power, with a maximum value of 67kW for the push to pass. The amount of energy that can be delivered to the MGUs by the RESS is limited to 28kWh. Braking regeneration will be added to this value based on a factor of 0.7 to take in account losses (1kW regen = 0.7kW released).
  • The maximum voltage is limited to 1kV.
  • The maximum number of reduction gear ratios is 6, but only one set can be homologated.
  • Two rear view mirrors, one on each side, must provide efficient visibility to the rear. Each mirror must have a minimum size of 75cm². They can be replaced by a camera which displays the picture on screen in the cockpit, fully visible by the driver and with a minimum size of 75cm².


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