Formula E technical specifications

FIA Formula E tender technical specs

Here (Formula E technical specs for tender) is the tender document that set out the original technical specifications envisaged by the FIA for the Formula E racing car. It shows how the sport has evolved already in the past two years, as well as underlining the commitment of the FIA to the new motorsport.

The objectives of Formula E are, according to the FIA:

  • To serve the FIA as a credible flagship for its CSR agenda in terms of more sustainable mobility;
  • To provide a technological showcase for the main stakeholders involved, with a particular focus on established global car manufacturers, new entrants in the automotive market or significant regional players, and EV technology OEM companies;
  • To attract wide public interest, including interest from non‐traditional motor sport targets, and place a particular focus on young urban audiences;
  • To be credible as a sporting and highly professional competition.

While the sporting regulations for Formula E haven’t yet been released, there has been some change from what the FIA imagined:

Each race will consist of about 4 heats per car of 15 minutes each and charging of the cars will be authorised between those heats. Ideally the charging time should not exceed half an hour.

Going some way to explaining why the car swap format has been adopted, rather than swapping batteries, the document requires that:

All battery cells must be certified to UN transportation standards 3840 as a minimum requirement for fire and toxicity safety.

Other intriguing snippets show that the original tender allowed for two or four wheel drive, housed wheels and covered cockpits. 


  • Hamish says:

    The concept has changed, I recall the FIA suggesting performance equalisation between different cars. The concept then seemed to be two or three different car types with equalisation, not an open series with potentially each entrant having a different car (as Formula E would allow from 2015-16). Specifications were loose, possible under such a concept. With an open series loose specification would probably see one dominant car, not good much as I was looking forward to seeing some of the weird and wonderful designs proposed, e.g. bluebird. I do hope though that front wheel and 4 wheel drive come in in the future, as these enable greater energy recovery.

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