Safety devices revealed at testing

Spark-Renault Feb testing 3 courtesy Antoine Leclerc

From this latest picture from racing driver Antoine Leclerc, we can spot some of the Spark-Renault’s safety measures, such as the circuit breaker external button, warning markings and RESS (rechargeable energy storage system) status lights on the forward chassis. The requirements for these components conform with FIA requirements:

9.4 All vehicles must be equipped with a General Circuit Breaker, of a sufficient capacity and that can be operated easily by a trigger button from the driver’s seat…and from the outside, to cut off all electric transmission devices. Care must be taken, however, that the installation of the circuit breaker does not result in the main electrical circuit being located close to the driver or the external switch.

The external button of the General Circuit Breaker must be located below the windscreen on the driver’s side, i.e. on the left-hand side of the vehicle when facing in the direction of travel. The button must be marked with a red spark in a white-edged blue triangle with a base of at least 12cm.

In a minor crash, all energy sources of the Power Circuit must be switched off automatically by electric switches or contactors. In a severe crash, the full RESS must be switched off automatically and the energy supply cables must be disconnected automatically from the RESS.

9.23 All cars must be fitted with an RESS status light which:

  • Is in working order throughout the Event even if the main hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical systems on the car have failed
  • Faces upwards and is recessed into the top of the survival cell no more than 150 mm from the car centre line and the front of the cockpit opening
  • Is green only when the system is shut down and no electrical insulation fault has been detected
  • Remains powered for at least 15 minutes if the car comes to rest with its engine stopped
  • Is marked with a “HIGH VOLTAGE” symbol

View the FIA technical tender document here. Image courtesy of Antoine Leclerc.

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