Cranking up the rumour mill

If there’s one thing that Formula E has excelled at in its short life to date, it is attracting the maximum amount of media attention with which to spark intense debate. Promoter FEH has proved adept at introducing major names and brands to the sport while keeping proceedings very closely under wraps. As interest grows, so does speculation over little details: F1 has a new rival in the Chinese whispers game.

Team number eight will be revealed a little later this week. Who could it be? As ever, details have been jealously guarded. We think that it’s unlikely to be any of the teams publicly linked to the sport already – Bluebird, Vastha Racing and Team Rosberg.

A recent Top Gear article has contributed to the rumours, stating that “both a major car manufacturer and a Hollywood superstar” are in discussions with FEH. Names that might fit the bill and that have been linked to the sport this year include Indian car maker Mahindra Reva, US electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla and an American thespian with a green conscience – Leonardo di Caprio. 

Nissan is pushing ahead at breakneck speed with its hybrid racing vehicle the ZEOD; the car maker works closely with Renault, which is overseeing the technical integration of the Spark-Renault Formula E racing car. Does that suggest a Formula E entry? Honda is also working on alternative technologies for 2015 F1 engines which could put it in the mix too.

At the moment, though, this is the ultimate guessing game: welcome to the world of suspense that is Formula E.


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