Fast five questions: Sebastien Buemi

The reigning Formula E champ and Toyota WEC racer takes time out while on holiday in Bahrain to answer Current E’s rapid-fire mid-season questions with a home-made video.

You are the second ever Formula E champion. For you, where does that rank among your professional achievements?

I would say it’s one of the biggest things I’ve won in my career, with the WEC championship. It’s obviously very big and I’m sure in the future it’s going to get bigger and bigger because this championship is just growing every year.

Your race pace and efficiency have never been in question but your qualifying in season two let you down at times. What can you do to improve this?

To improve qualifying obviously I need to improve on details. I didn’t get any pole positions so far this season but I’m sure that working on details with my team will make it possible. But, at the moment, I’m not going for the ultimate lap time, but I prefer to focus on having a good starting position in the race and then try to win the race.

There are two major calendar clashes between WEC and Formula E in 2017, in April and July. You currently race in both series so that’s a problem. Which events will you miss and will that rule out a proper Formula E title defence?

For me, from a contract point of view, I’m going to do the WEC in case of clash. I know the FIA and Formula E are working on a solution so I’m really crossing my fingers for them to find a solution. Hopefully we will not have to decide what category we choose because I really want to have a proper opportunity to fight for the championship.

What are you doing with your downtime over the next couple of months? How big is the Buemi family and will you be seeing them all?

As you can see, I’m on holiday in Bahrain with some of my family, obviously my wife and my son, so trying to enjoy a few days off and then I’m going to go back to Switzerland and spend the rest of the time with the other part of my family. That’s the only downtime I have in the season so it’s important to use it as well as possible.

You’re a former F1 racer and tested for Red Bull recently. Have you called Toto?

So I didn’t call Toto. I’m focusing on my job. There is lots of things to do from my side. I’m going to take part in the 24 hours of Daytona in January and the 12 hours of Sebring as well as racing in Formula E and WEC. I’m still testing for Red Bull. I did the 2017 tyre test in July so there’s lot of things on my plate and I’m trying to do that well before thinking of doing anything else.

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