Formula E car puts tyres to track

Formula E car on test debut courtesy of FEH

The Formula E racing car has successfully completed the first phase of its shakedown, according to promoter FEH. The vehicle completed 40 laps of La Ferté Gaucher circuit in France with development driver Lucas di Grassi at the wheel.

Frédéric Vasseur, president of Spark Racing Technology which is leading the consortium building the car, says: “Everything went very well and it was a very positive maiden run. The car ran for around 40 laps with no issues straight out of the box, which looks good for the overall reliability.”

The 14-turn track, about 80km east of Paris, is 3.6km long, with a 1.6km section designed to test the technical ability of drivers and cars and a 2km component for exploring raw speed.

For the test, an 8kWh battery was fitted to the Spark-Renault car, yielding a power output of around 50kW. The fully-developed car will boast a battery almost four times the size at 30kWh, with a corresponding increase in power and torque.

The battery will be supplied by Williams Advanced Engineering, while the electric propulsion unit is a modified version of that found in the McLaren P1 hybrid supercar. We’ve already pointed out that the true test of the car’s performance, durability and integration of its diverse components will come when it is run in full race specification.

Vasseur goes on: “The next test is planned for the coming weeks, where we want to increase the mileage on the car, working our way up to a full race simulation.”

Formula E car on test courtesy of FEH

Images courtesy of FEH.

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