“Future is in our own hands”: d’Ambrosio

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Dragon Racing driver Jerome d’Ambrosio is enjoying a career high and is looking forward to Formula E’s third season.

D’Ambrosio joined Formula E after stints in GP2 and F1, racing in the latter mainly with Marussia before making a quiet one-off appearance for Lotus at the 2012 Italian Grand Prix.

The Belgian has made more of a splash in Formula E, finishing fourth in last year’s drivers’ championship after a strong end to the season that yielded victory in Berlin (albeit the result of a disqualification for Lucas di Grassi) and two second-place finishes in London.

D’Ambrosio returns to Berlin this weekend with a second season victory already under his belt (coincidentally, the result of another di Grassi exclusion) and running fourth in the drivers’ championship.

“I’ve had strong moments but at the last race I was outside the points finishing the race: that was the first time for me in Formula E,” d’Ambrosio explained to Current E. “If I wasn’t in the points before, it was because of a drive-through or an accident, not like that. I think I haven’t had such good seasons as the last two years. Last year, the finish was also pretty amazing. I’m looking forward to keeping that momentum. I really enjoy the category, I love what I do here, I’m probably the only driver actually who only does that and I’m not planning on really looking at something else because I like it here. This is where I want to be.”

Many drivers opt to balance Formula E with another series, typically the FIA World Endurance Championship, but d’Ambrosio prefers to be full focused on one commitment. “Going alongside [Formula E], to what point will you be able to carry that? Fine, if you have the right opportunity and it fits well… But right now my priority is Formula E.”

D’Ambrosio’s efforts this year are unlikely to have gone unnoticed by the rest of the paddock but he hinted that he will be staying put with Dragon for season three: “Nothing is finalised but let’s put it that I’m happy where I am now. I’m very happy here. It’s looking in that direction and that’s what will be most likely.”

With Dragon set to produce its own powertrain in season three and the field expected to converge when it comes to transmission and motor configurations, d’Ambrosio believes that bigger and better successes could follow for the red chromed cars.

“Yeah it should be quite good,” he said. “Some people have had quite an advantage this year. I think next year we all understand the mistakes taken with some powertrains, what works and what doesn’t work. I think next year we’ll all head in a similar direction. So that’s going to get everyone very close and I think that’s exciting. One team, e.dams, is above everyone and then right behind you’ve got ABT very close. And then you’ve got the rest. ‘The rest’ quickly understood what we were lacking compared to the two top teams so we’re going to be compensate for that. And then for us, Dragon, I think clearly it’s going to be a good opportunity because we have our future in our own hands, developing our own powertrain.”

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