Malaysia launch reveals connections

Putrajaya was officially confirmed as a Formula E venue today, in an official ceremony attended by the Malaysian Prime Minister. The event is part of Formula E’s PR roadshow, designed to develop maximum press coverage and general interest ahead of next year’s races.

The event itself is not particularly newsworthy – apart from a proposed circuit layout shown to guests. It was revealed that the race itself may be during the day or at night (presumably much depends on wishes of the broadcasters) and that the sport is hoping to lure one or two Malaysian drivers to participate.

More usefully, today’s shindig did uncover a little more about the shadowy inner workings of Formula E promoter, FEH.

The agreement between the city and the sport was countersigned for Formula E by a Malaysian chap called Dato Sri Johann Young, whom the press release reveals to be a founding partner of FEH. Young is quite the business tycoon. His CV includes stints as chief executive at security firm Nexbis, Asia director for telecoms giant Orange World and launch director for Orange in Thailand.

FEH has been a bit bashful about revealing Young’s name as an investor to date, but his role would go some way towards explaining why Formula E, in its quest to sign up the world’s most famous cities and to bring electric motoring to the millions living in packed, smog-clogged metropolises, has ended up in Putrajaya, population 68,000

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