The shakedown on Formula E

Video: Leo Parente presents a Shakedown segment from the Drive network, summing up what we know about Formula E.

“Swap race cars in the pits? Someone call ZipCar or Hertz because this sounds like the perfect sponsorship connection,” jokes Parente. He goes on: “In my opinion, it’s not a travesty to the tradition or essence of racing. Formula E is racing. And racing is, or should be, always built to push forward innovation, reliability, speed, performance and technology. And efficiency has always been part of racing.”

He comments that he thinks the race pace will be nearest the F2000 series, before asking if his viewers a series of questions designed to spark debate. The video has generated almost 600 comments so far, which will help push the new series into the limelight.

The Formula E segment begins in earnest at 2min 46s.

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