TV graphics get funky

Formula E’s world feed is produced by UK sports video production company Aurora Media. The wizards there have revamped the TV graphics for the all-electric sport’s third season and the results are quite something. The motion magicians have shared some screen grabs from the Hong Kong race with us to help prepare viewers for the next race. 

Firstly, the colour scheme. A pleasing combination of blues greets the viewer, with some funky lightning-effect detailing present in some of the title bars (which reminds us of the iceberg-themed livery shown off in Paris last season). You can see an example at the right-hand side of the name bar in the screen below. The fonts and numbers are large and clear, making them easy to read.  

Aurora Media FIA Formula E 2016-17 TV graphics Name strap

Talking of colours, each team has been allocated a colour on the graphics. It’s not an unusual move but the shades chosen work well with the theme blues and carry across to the driver numbers during interviews on on-screen action. You can see this application with the yellow used for Sebastien Buemi’s Renault in the screen shot below; the yellow pops up for his race number in the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen, as well as a little yellow strip next to his name in the vertical positions table. You can see that with the white and red used for Sam Bird’s DSVR, too, seen below and above. The little figures which pop up on the name bar, such as below, as well shot and nicely coloured. 

Aurora Media FIA Formula E 2016-17 TV graphics Onboard

What got us really excited when the Hong Kong race was cranking up towards lights out was the new 3D driver graphics, which look like holograms beamed onto the tarmac during the grid. Pretty tricky to get right on live telly but they worked a treat. (Drivers in motion next, anyone?) An example is shown below, with pole-sitter Nelson Piquet’s digital figure popping up next to his real self as he prepared for the race, in his car.

Aurora Media FIA Formula E 2016-17 TV graphics Grid front row

Once the race got underway, there were a whole host of tweaked graphics, including those showing data for the battle currently on screen, safety car periods, race control messages and replays. Battery level status displays help intensify the on-screen action by showing the viewer any mismatches in energy.

Aurora Media FIA Formula E 2016-17 TV graphics driver comparison

Colour is also used when it comes to battery levels, adding another visual layer to the excitement of watching a Formula E race. It’s now much clearer to see at a glance who is running low and who isn’t, engaging fans who can watch out for energy saving moves, last ditch overtakes or gut-wrenching lunges for the line on zero percent. (The feeds come from FIA telemetry and there are occasional real-time hiccups…such as Nick Heidfeld’s energy reading, below).

Aurora Media FIA Formula E 2016-17 TV graphics Finish line

We also very much like the new team radio screen (a driver in miniature…too cute):

Aurora Media FIA Formula E 2016-17 TV graphics Team radio

Elsewhere, the track map animations are particularly slick and the information screens (with the calendar and session results) are all nicely styled.

Aurora Media FIA Formula E 2016-17 TV graphics map

Call us sad but we also very much like the new weather screen. 

Aurora Media FIA Formula E 2016-17 TV graphics weather

Lastly, while Fanboost itself remains a contentious issue among fans and drivers, Aurora can’t be faulted for this clear display of votes cast:

Aurora Media FIA Formula E 2016-17 TV graphics Fanboost standings

There are more screenshots in the gallery above.

All in all, we think the revised graphics show off a fresh, funky style very much in keeping with Formula E’s status as a modern sport aimed at the under 35s via social media. The additional data, fun colours and 3D graphics add more than a dash of panache to make this season’s world feed better than ever. 

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